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you steps while buying a car using credit at AUTO SHOW

GLObus motors


DEAR BUYERS! Only for you! Your steps in details while getting credit at a BANK.




  1. Come to our Auto show GLOBUS MOTORS;

  2. Chose a car;

  3. Fill in the loaning form (for Your convenience, You can print the necessary Bank


    at our web-site);



Bring the rest documents, which needed for the getting credit: for physical person:

Banks-partners GLOBUSMOTORS

  1. Passport copy (all pages);

  2. Copy of the working book (with employer stamp from the last work with the note "the copy is true");

  3. Copy of the driving license;

  4. Salary certificate from work 2 NDFL ( you can take it at the book-keeping) or free form;

  5. Marriage certificate (if married), wife's (husband's) passport copy;


Bring the rest documents, which needed for the getting credit: for juridical person, IE:

1Evidence IE (individual entrepreneur);

2Evidence of taxation registration.

  1. We will bring your documents in the bank for the consideration (you can do it yourself if you wish);

  2. The consideration of your request takes 1-3 days;

  3. After banks consideration we will inform you about the decision. (is the credit confirmed or not);

  4. In case of positive affirmative you should pay the first deposit for your car at Auto show (You can pay the first deposit for your car at the Bank than signing the contract);

  5. Auto show will prepare the documents for the bank, which needs for the sign of credit contract;

  6. After getting all the necessary documents bank will connect with you and conform the date for the sign of credit contract. (you have a possibility to insure your car with AUTOKASKO, OSAGO);


Auto show will complete all the rest things (documentary,


  1. Than you sign your credit contract with the bank, bank will transfer the rest sum to the auto show's account (using the writing out bill).


Than the money comes to Awto show GLOBUS MOTORS account we will inform you and you will come to us and take your car.

We will give You the full packet of documents that You need for the registration at the Inspection Department. Than you will take your car. And you will registrate the car at the Inspection Department and give PTS to the Bank storing till the credit paying off.  

Awto show GLOBUS MOTORS is able to help You with the registration Your car at  the Inspection Department (Moscow and Moscow region)


everything is very easy, just trust to professionals of their job, and you will get the result!






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